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Everyone likes to make a good first impression. We play up our positive attributes and control our annoying quirks in order to impress others in that crucial first three seconds of meeting.  According to an article in Psychology Today, “Our brains form first impressions by creating a composite of all the signals given off by a new experience.”

From a real estate perspective, a good first impression – or “curb appeal” – is all about using your landscape to enhance the appearance of your home. Does the landscape echo the style of your home’s architecture?  Does it meet or exceed the standards set by the neighborhood? Is it well maintained? The landscape is like the neatly pressed suit and polished shoes that are among the basic signals given off at  a first meeting.

More important, however, is not what the landscape says about your house, but what it says about you.  Is it welcoming? Is it engaging? Is it quiet and elegant, or colorful and gregarious?  Expressing yourself in the publicly viewed part of your landscape is like offering a heart-felt smile at a first meeting; the signal that we look for specifically because (it) “… lets us know that we’re likely to get a positive reception.”

Creating a great first impression from the front curb (or kerb as our British friends prefer) can set the tone for your entire landscape.

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