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Texture is a very small and compact word that refers to a very dynamic and fluid element of design.  Strictly speaking, texture refers to the nature and quality of a surface.  In a garden, this might refer to bold leaves, as in Gunnera, Rodgersia, Ligularia or Butterbur, as opposed to the tiny leaves of boxwood, or thyme.  It refers to the hairy leaves of Tibouchina, and the open surface of great soil.   It might refer to that puffy and fleeting natural circumstance we know as cumulus clouds.  It might refer to a thinly woven fabric of a garden umbrella.  It might refer to that fluid and sparkling surface we know as water.  It may refer to the craggy surface of stone.  It may refer to wood planed smooth, as in garden furniture.  Texture refers to a surface, a surface you can feel, a surface you can see, a surface you can touch, and a surface you can taste.

Texture engages virtually all of the senses.  The qualities of the surface we recognize as stone are vastly different that the soft texture of a field of grass. You either like raw oysters, okra, or beef-or not.  How does your garden taste?  How do your garden surfaces engage the eye?  Natural surfaces are infinite in their variety.  The choices are infinite.  Make sure your design sense includes an appreciation and consideration of the quality of the surface, the texture.

Texture engages, and holds, the eye.  Texture gives a set of fingers a reason to be.   Texture leaves a strong taste. Read on to see how every designer associated with the Roundtable in this June post interprets texture.


Deborah Silver

Thomas Rainer : Grounded Design : Washington, D.C.

Rebecca Sweet : Gossip In The Garden : Los Altos, CA

Pam Penick : Digging : Austin, TX

Lesley Hegarty & Robert Webber : Hegarty Webber Partnership : Bristol, UK

Douglas Owens-Pike : Energyscapes : Minneapolis, MN

Deborah Silver : Dirt Simple : Detroit, MI

David Cristiani : The Desert Edge : Albuquerque, NM

Christina Salwitz : Personal Garden Coach : Renton, WA

Andrew Keys : Garden Smackdown : Boston, MA

Rochelle Greayer : Studio G : Boston, MA

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